It was very interesting to see the reaction of the respective Office personnel. It was almost comical, if the situation had not grown to such serious proportions. There was general disbelief, a look of "um" ok what do I do with this, "I'm not an attorney", etc. The "I'm not an attorney" came from the Legislative Aide(s), however they were not very well versed in the Ohio Constitution. As I had to explain to them the two methods of Legislative process'es by which they were now directly involved in. I say this with no disrespect to them personally, in fact they were very polite and as accommodating as the situation allowed. This did explain why when emailing or calling, the "gatekeepers" blew me off on previous occasions.  

A hardcopy of Petition for Impeachment, Copy of Demand for Determination, and Copy of Appeal Brief were delivered in person today (9/23/15) to the following Offices; Ohio Senate Mr. Bacon & Mr. Widener, Ohio House Mr. Butler & Mr. Perales. Electronic copies were sent via email on 9/20/15 to all members. I intended to record the turnover of the documents, however this was not necessary as I had a personal witness with me in the event of denial.

I do urge you to contact your respective Ohio Representative or Senator to support the Impeachment process. Click the links below for the House and Senate.


Supreme Court of Ohio

Fraud Exposure