The Greene County Domestic Relations Court, Attorney Charles Slicer, the Greene Co. Prosecutor, the 2nd District Court of Appeals, the Ohio Supreme Court, and the Ohio Attorney General are COMPLICIT TO A FELONY. 

How you say? Defendant KAB procured, encumbered (how ever you want to spin it) a NEW VEHICLE TITLE, without a Court Order, without a POA, etc. etc. Secondary Felony is with new title in hand, getting a vehicle registration based on "new" Title. Ten days after getting False Title, they file Contempt Complaint against me for of all things CHANGING THE TITLE WITHOUT PERMISSION in violation of the mutual temporary restraining orders (MTRO's). They then use the Fabricated Evidence to support the Fabricated Contempt Hearing and SUBMIT the FRAUDULENTLY OBTAINED TITLE as evidence at Contempt Hearing. Attorney Slicer asked for and received attorney fees for his professional "services" (this is a Felony in and of itself). Hummm have to pay the Thief for robbing you. The 2nd District and Oh Supreme Court were NOTIFIED MULTIPLE TIMES of TITLE FRAUD. The GC Prosecutor and Attorney General are Complicit to the Felony in that they DEFENDED THE FELONY ACTIONS OF THE RESPECTIVE COURT (GCPO defending GCDRC, AG defending 2nd District & Oh Supreme Ct.)  The Title Report "speaks for itself".

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Supreme Court of Ohio

Fraud Exposure