Audio file (partial) of Deposition. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT FRAUD.

Filed Documents on Divorce Case with SCO

File an Affidavit of Disqualification, get Restraining Order(s) placed on you. The Greene Co GESTPO at work. Our Supreme Leader the Dishonorable Mr. Hurley won't tolerate any dissent, or challenge(s) to his absolute authority. Now that the FRAUD has been committed, he must cover it up. His partner in crime is the retired Dishonorable Mr. Campbell. 

Attorney admitting Motion Deceit. Audio file.

Evidence / Documents

More coverup (9/28/15) happened today. 2nd District edited their previous opinion. 

Audio file (partial) of Deposition. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT FRAUD.

Knowing that your rights have been violated, and appeal is not going to solve all the problems. So I filed a Alternative Writ(s).  In the Notice of Appearances, you will see the Ohio Attorney General's Office is defending the Second District Court of Appeals; Greene Co. Prosecuting Attorney is representing DR Division. Clearly evidence of collusion by itself; since these are part of the Executive Branch of government. The FRAUD UPON THE COURT is in that an Alternative Writ is a correct approach for a Void Judgement; Void Judgments can be attacked directly and in-directly. The U.S. Supreme Court decisions on this matter are in the record; the SCO is ignoring the US Supreme Court. 

Supreme Court of Ohio

Fraud Exposure