fight for each other 

About me and why: I grew up on a tobacco farm near Ohio River. My family has a strong history of military service (USA, USN, USMC, USAF); with multiple members reaching retirement (20+ years service). To include family members from both the North and South during the Civil War (I tracked one ancestor by way of his detention records as a Confederate Soldier detained as POW in Chicago). I personally have 25+ years of service to the USAF (20 towards retirement). I have served overseas long tours, short tours, multiple deployments- to include a tour of duty in Iraq. As an inherent part of being a military member there are many occasions when you must subvert your own personal rights to defend the rights of others. It is not unreasonable to expect ALL of your rights to be respected to the LETTER, when dealing with the local courts. However, it is exactly the opposite. They respect no rights, and when confronted with it they "turtle" up. No quarter will be given. All I asked for initially was a handwritten apology. Now it will be an "eye for an eye". 

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